Professional development programs

The children are the wealth of society, among them is the advancement of society. Perhaps the basic and fundamental goal that we all seek is to educate and raise this young man by harnessing all energies and best ways and developing the best methods in his education and education. The focus of our attention is the student who is responsible for this society and its development and progress.

Because the student is influenced by the society in which he lives, the school is the most important society in which a society grows and grows, and from preventing attention to the student, to raise interest in the teacher who deals with it and is influenced by it.

The focus of attention in the educational community on the need to prepare teachers, since they found a strong relationship between the effectiveness of the teacher and educational preparation and the importance of preparation and training of teachers, we have sought to professional development for all members of the educational body and at all stages in order to keep up with all new and stop on new methods and methods in the learning process

Therefore, several courses were implemented in the beginning of the academic year 2002-2003, as follows:

A course for the teachers of the first episode, which sprang into two parts:

1. Course for the old teachers which included the following topics:

– Development of written expression in pupils (through the presentation of models by teachers)

– Multi-level education to take account of individual differences in students

– Explanation of the model lesson history + discussed

– Training in analyzing networks to benefit from the results to develop the required support program and how to apply

– Explain the model of Islamic education lesson and discussion

– Presentation of the mechanism of the implementation of the play with the pupils

– Educational means in science

2. Course for new teachers included the following topics:

– Classroom management aimed at maintaining appropriate student behavior

– Inclusive education definition, origin, objectives, mechanism of application

– Characteristics of the letters

– How to communicate scientific concepts in science

– Educational subject (three-dimensional discipline, discipline with dignity)

– Presentation of how to teach mathematics (goal analysis) + Explanation of a lesson model

– Developing the written expression of the pupils

– Presentation of how to explain the lesson of Islamic education

– Training of teachers on the right line

– Training on the evaluation mechanism in-class and translating it on a network

The teachers of the Arabic language in the second and third seminars had a share of training and rehabilitation, where they underwent several courses and they are as follows

– Audio communication

– Functional rules

– The role of communication texts in the development of expression skills

– Types and types of literature

– Teaching methods

– Develop a constructive competition

– Read the image

Was also the Department sources role effective A ‘s in the process ofrehabilitation of the parameters where he attended a course for teachers of kindergarten and the first episode several topics which are:

– The concept of competent education and target groups

– The concept of integration, its objectives, system, mechanism

– Individual educational plan: elements, items, purpose, application,

– Modifying the classroom environment

– Active learning strategies

– Foundations and strategies for the education of people with special needs

– Coordinate the work with the frame between the class parameter and the supporting parameter

– Communication skills with staff (teachers, students, parents)

As for science, the subjects presented in the rehabilitation courses were as follows:

– Laboratory operation activities related to physics and laboratory skills in the use of devices

– Works of laboratory record + work skills

– Evaluate the application of competencies in competitions and provide appropriate feedback

In mathematics, the following subjects were presented:

– The role of the teacher in the development of thinking methods

– Mathematics and language

– Teacher training on evaluation

– Course in coordination

– A course in effective education

In the French language reading a picture

In English, the following subjects were presented:

– Interaction Analysis / Affect

– Oral skill Applications

These courses remain just steps on a long path, with everything that helps the teacher in his career and provides him with everything that is new and innovative to keep pace with the tremendous progress