School activities

Which is the section that follows the various activities of students in all stages and is concerned with follow-up the following:

To guide students’ talents and to give them an opportunity to express and develop them through activities at school

Allocate student review times to provide any help in the activity that the student wishes to offer

To promote activities that promote public education and religious awareness, as well as the revival of national and religious events

Organizing celebrations and competitions and participating students in order to create incentives for the student to encourage him to love learning and gain knowledge

Follow-up of external activities such as competitions organized by official or pure bodies (expression, drawing, representation …)

Follow-up recreational activities aimed at students (theater, exhibitions, cinema, city games and amusement parks)

Organizing volunteer committees of students to participate in cultural and artistic activities and establishing a media club to follow up on media matters and prominent events, especially the Intifada and Palestine News

Preparation of the annual book, which includes pictures of students, teachers and all employees of the school.