* Transform the recycling or recycling project into an environmental art project

As part of the Environmental School Health Activities Program, the Department of Arts at Al Kawthar High School has included the subject of recycling or recycling in terms of utilization of paper waste. This was stated in the Arts Arts Plan for Adrazi 2003/2004 for the first grade.

The details of the project is primarily to collect the paper waste by the students of the class, where the student himself presents empty cartons and paper incest and others, but what was used from school trash are the papers ready for damage that was previously written and is no longer necessary in any way

          The project did not start before it was combined with a technical education concept so that it can be utilized at maximum utilization

The cubist school is one of the most important art schools taught at this stage, which was pioneered by the Spanish artist Picasso (1881-1973), so that the difference this year was to be made of cubism-style sculptures instead of drawing drawings from the student himself but from A specific school neighborhood or a painting study of Picasso paintings

In the second class, the students covered the cardboard structure with neglected papers that were collected in the administrative offices of the school where they were attached to form a second layer that was identified. Details and features of the personal destination has been used to take these papers to detail the face of the eyes and mouth and nose and others, the third quota was dedicated to the coloring of the figures to show more details in terms of colors of clothes and features of faces and other additions, Bag or fruit basket or the like.

The implementation of this project has achieved the student a number of technical objectives educational and environmental education, including:

– First: pay attention to the quality of the waste resulting from the human use of commodities and consumables.

Second: To work on sorting out the waste and learning how to reuse it in general.

Third: To link the concept of health, environment, the concept of technical education and practical application.

Fourth: Involvement of the student in the collection process and recycling.


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