Transportation to and from the school within the Beirut area and the southern suburb and adjacent to the plan organized and deliberate movement to avoid lost time and to facilitate access and departure during the specified time. Each bus has at least one rotation, ensuring the safety of students inside and outside the bus.

Registration mechanism for school transfer

– Students are registered to transfer the school through the registration office where parents register their desire to transfer their child through the school in the designated box

– The registration office shall send the registered names to the Transport Department on a daily basis.

– The Transportation Officer will sort the names according to a well thought-out travel plan that will ensure that the students have access to their homes as soon as possible.

– After sorting the names by regions, the regulations are distributed to the drivers, who visit the students’ homes to identify them and their addresses in detail

the system:

It should be noted that the Transport Department in the secondary works on the transfer of students in four stages and the specificity of each stage in terms of age and time, where it transfers:

the pupils The bus starts in the morning Start of the bus at noon
Nursery and first kindergarten 7.00 12.45
Second Kindergarten 7.00 2.00
The first and second episodes 6.30 2.15
The third and secondary episode 6.30 3.20


In order to maintain the safety of students, each bus has an alternate sister who visits the students in the morning and noon and works to keep the system inside the bus.

The Transportation Department also ensures the transportation of students during outdoor activities